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Who's The Best GT500 Tuner?

Posted by VENOMOUS TUNING on Jun 27th 2022

Who's The Best GT500 Tuner?

It's a question that's posed a few times a week on social media pages.  When it comes to "who's the best GT500 tuner?" the answer is far from cut and dried.  The answer will be whichever one best suits your personal needs. 

For example, if you're new to the GT500 game and think you want more power, a tune is just part of the answer. The tune should support the additional parts that you are adding. There are a number of companies that will sell you a box full of parts and an off the shelf tune provided by a very good, highly reputable tuning source.  But is that right for you, your car, its age, your local fuel, etc?  

Not likely. 10+ years ago or so you might be able to get away with that.  The bulk of the cars were less than 5 years old, so normal deterioration hadn't taken its toll yet.  Most of them hadn't changed hands two or three times.  Most of them had a relatively decent level of documented history. But, that's no longer the case.

At Venomous Tuning, we work with our customers to help them establish some history on the car.  Many are stunned at the amount of "cost cutting" that took place when the previous owners chose the mods. You will not find another major Ford tuning source that will take the time, take your phone calls, discuss the mods and processes and work with you to establish the best course of action.  Sure, it takes longer and no, you won't order a tune on Wednesday and be ready for the track on Friday night.  But follow our process and you'll have a true custom tune that is dialed in to your fuel, your car or truck, your usage of it and you'll have a clear understanding of not only your car and its performance, but you'll quickly learn to find the humor and misinformation that riddles social media platforms. 

"Who's the best GT500 tuner?"  It depends on your needs. If you find that you need one that offers outstanding customer service, communication and results, we're here.

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