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Upgrades for Current Tunes within 1 year

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We get it. "Enough" is never really enough.  

If you have a FINAL and CURRENT (Your "Final" tune was delivered within the past 12 months) Venomous Custom Tune, but have decided to upgrade your ride, you're in the right place. 

This service is for ONE of the following mods:

PERFORMANCE CAMSHAFT (You must provide the cam specs and the results of a compression test in the past 30 days)

COLD AIR INTAKES LARGER THAN 140mm (You must use a factory mass air sensor)

LARGE BORE MONO BLADE (Ford, Kenne-Bell or Whipple) OR TWIN BORE (bigger than 70mm throttle bodies)


Multiple items require a telephone consultation and you will not be able to use this order form. Call us at (352) 800-4407

For tunes older than 1 year but no more than 2 years, you will first need to order ADDITIONAL SUPPORT BY CLICKING HERE.  

Tunes older than 2 years are not eligible for this service and a new tune with all mods must be orderded.