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After-hours or Remote Dyno Tuning Support

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A major benefit of being a Venomous Tuning customer is our level of one-on-one support.  We are happy to assist you in setting up your initial datalogging session and walking you through that process.  This support is included at no charge, by appointment, Monday through Friday 9a-5p eastern time. 

We realize that not everyone is available on weekdays from 9 to 5 and yet may need hands-on assistance. So, we make After-Hours Tuning Support available at a nominal additional fee of $250.00

This service is for those customers that want us to do a Team Viewer remote tuning session beyond the initial setup (and outside of our normal business hours) as well as remote dyno tuning. 

This charge is in addition to the price of the tune. 

Appointments are up to 2 hours and are for remote tuning assistance or remote dyno tuning only.  The fee is a minimum and no portion is refundable if we are able to assist in less time.

Additional time is billed at $150.00 per hour with a 1 hour minimum. 

Vehicle mechanical issues and remote troubleshooting are not included and are billed separately.  This service is available by CLICKING HERE.