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07-23 GT500 Technical & Modification Consultation

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If you purchase this consultation service and choose us to tune your vehicle, just place your tuning order within 30 days of your consultation and receive a $100.00 discount!

We're happy to assist our Custom Tuning customers with basic guidance and input as to what parts and mods work well together toward a specific goal. But, some customers may find that they need more time and feedback than what we can provide with a Custom Tune order.

To that end, we offer this service for phone consultation where we can spend one-on-one time together and develop a plan that meets your power, performance and budgetary goals.  

What it costs:  $250.00

What you get: Up to 90 minutes of consultation to discuss parts, best practices, the pros and cons of a given configuration, expectations, budget, your mechanical ability and resources for parts and labor.  We do not make any claims as to the end results of such modifications as each vehicle is different as are the performance measurements (dyno, track, etc).

What we require: Payment, a signed Waiver and your understanding that we are NOT a certified mechanic nor engineer.  We are a calibrations company that knows a lot about the 2007-14 Shelby GT500 platform. We've probably seen it, done it, raced it or driven it; whether as part of our own R&D or with customer vehicles. 

Additional time is available at $150.00 per hour during our regular business hours (9a-5p eastern, Mon-Fri).  

Do you need this service?:  Only you know that.  Social media is a cesspool of misinformation.  In our experience, about 20% of the shared "advice" you'll read is correct.  The trick is finding which 20% that is.  Additionally, 70% of used parts are junk.  GT500 owners are the new era Fox body owners.  The cars have changed hands numerous times, half the owners have no idea what's been done to their car previous to their owning it. And while you can buy an early GT500 for $20,000-$30,000 the maintenance and mod history is going to be critical.  



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